The Band

The b-sides were a 7 piece Reggae/Ska band that ruled the roost in Vancouver in the early 1980s. The band produced a number eps and a full length album and toured the country 3 times, at least once in a school bus.

'Classic' b-sides ran from about 1980 until 1984. The band eventually petered out after a good long haul, with the requisite squabbles and new material that nobody liked. Typical of all pop bands in all eras. 

However during their run, the b-sides were a hit. Places like the Savoy and Town Pump were packed every night the band played. We would move from a week at the Savoy directly to a week at the Town Pump without a hitch or a miss.

Voted best club band by the Georgia Straight for 1983 and awarded the trophy for most liquor sales in one week by Harpo's in Victoria, wherever the b-sides played was the place to be. People failed high school because of the b-sides.